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Paper, office supplies and stationery assortment in combination with topical themes in the book trade


How can I attract customers’ attention? How can I make my assortment look attractive to them? These are questions that all retailers in the conventional trade ask themselves. Stationers and booksellers are also constantly on the lookout for new ways of attracting their customers’ interest. For them, there are clever ideas and interesting solutions to be found at Mr. Books & Mrs. Paper at Paperworld. From 28 to 31 January 2017, the special show will demonstrate how shop space can be decorated attractively and shopping turned into a positive experience. Located in Hall 5.1 (Stand B08), Mr. Books & Mrs. Paper will split into a variety of themed worlds that, under the motto ‘scenes’, illustrate how the combination of books and non-book articles can be made into an eye-catcher and driving force for sales.

The huge range of paper, stationery and gift articles presented by over 1,500 exhibitors of Paperworld in Frankfurt am Main plays an increasingly important role for assortment compilation in the book trade and, in this connection, the Mr. Books & Mrs. Paper special show generates a host of practical impulses for the bricks-and-mortar trade. The concept of the special show is oriented towards the current range of new books and aims to enhance customers’ emotional shopping experience. Decisive are a harmonious choice of products and a convincing overall concept that underscores the identity of the bookshops. “The special show is a source of useful impulses for both booksellers and retailers because the combination of these two worlds opens up new sales channels”, says Paperworld Director Michael Reichhold.

In 2017, the special show will be held under the motto ‘scenes’, which creates a link to the theatre: the books tell a story and the book trade is its stage. Now, all that remains is to present them effectively. “To take due account of changing customer expectations in the conventional trade, it is essential to bring the goods to life, in other words, to enact them. This need not take place on a large stage or be planned well in advance. Just two or three products and a bunch of flowers displayed on the basis of a spontaneous idea can tell a tempting story. And a small table or a piece of bare wall could be the stage where the story is told. The special show encourages retailers to see the assortment in this playful light and to develop a series of new ideas for the point of sale. To this end, Mr. Books & Mrs. Paper presents a number of elaborate displays on ‘stages’ of different sizes – from the multi-faceted product world to a miniature setting”, explains special-show curator, Angelika Niestrath.

Mr. Books & Mrs. Paper presents a scenario for the book trade, which is easy to create at the point of sale, and strengthens the conventional in relation to the digital trade via personal inspiration, emotionalization and variety for the customer. At Paperworld 2017, Angelika Niestrath wants to emphasise presentation simplicity. Accordingly, Mr. Books & Mrs. Paper will show clearly how themed displays can be created effortlessly with only a few props or even just a wall board as the ‘stage’. Thus, the special show fulfils the need of booksellers for practicality and thematic relevance. At the same time, it defines the different target groups of a bookshop and illustrates ways in which they can be reached on an emotional plane. The result is a high degree of customer affection for and identification with ‘their’ bookshop. “What and where we buy something is increasingly an expression of our individual lifestyles. Therefore, Mr. Books & Mrs. Paper presents selected products that appeal to customers individually and underline the personality of the business”, explains Angelika Niestrath.

New this time is the inclusion of fresh flowers as a decorative element because the new Floradecora trade fair, which takes place in Hall 11.1 from 27 to 30 January 2017, opens up a new and fertile field for supplementary product lines in the bookshop. After all, when we think of giving presents, we also think of flowers. Accordingly, curator Angelika Niestrath will also decorate some themed tables with fresh flowers, sprays or plants, which could serve as a gift together with the book or other accessories. “This new aspect will give retailers an idea of what it could look like if they expand their assortment to include cut flowers. Floral arrangements upgrade the presentation, are attractive eye-catchers and a great impulse purchase”, says Niestrath. On the first three days of Paperworld, at 11.30 and 14.00 hrs, special-show curator Angelika Niestrath will hold guided tours of Mr. Books & Mrs. Paper in Hall 5.1. On the last day of the fair, there will be one tour, beginning at 11.30 hrs.

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