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Ritrama reports a success in Fespa


The FESPA 2017 trade show has just finished and Ritrama recorded a significant number of visitors, which means a growing visual communications market and an increased desire to find new ways to meet application requirements.

In the spotlight were Ritrama's products. The project "Inspiring Colours" proved to be extremely successful: the exclusive collection of label stock developed for cutting plotters, offering a wide range of tailor-made solutions that represents the state of the art visual communication for the promotional, automotive and decorative sectors.

The product range dedicated to materials for large format printing also played an important role. The main materials of Ritrama’s portfolio are grouped into three areas, each of which covers the three major markets: advertising & branding (dedicated to advertising); retail & design graphics (which includes specific products for interior design); vehicle graphics (which covers not just car wrapping but also everything to do with the branding and customising, even partial, of vehicles and fleets). This helps clients to appreciate the quality, the special characteristics, main features, applications and compatibility of single products with most of the printing technologies available today.


«Participating in this year’s trade show has been a huge success for Ritrama. The attendance to the fair was more interesting compared to the previous years. We had a constant stream of visitors throughout the five days. Generally speaking, we can say that we have made new contacts with clients who are looking for specific application solutions in line with Ritrama's motto "We are listening". Therefore, FESPA does not only remain one of the few trade shows to bring together all market players, but it has also allowed us to enhance Ritrama's position on the Graphics market and to experience firsthand the most interesting innovations» says Mirko Aguanno, Sales Manager Graphics Division.

The success in attracting clients, both existing ones and new potential customers, was again proof of Ritrama’s commitment to focus its marketing strategy on finding the right label stock for every application. The Ritrama team would like to thank all those who visited us during this important event.

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