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Paperworld 2018 a healthy and trend-oriented start to the new business year


A total of 1,640 exhibitors from 66 countries presented their new products and further developments at Paperworld 2018. They used the international paper, office supplies and stationery trade fair as a sector platform to present their trend products for all aspects of the modern office, and paper and stationery products for private use, so showing what the future looks like in the paper, office supplies and stationery market.

A healthy workplace, high-quality products, and popular trend motifs: manufacturers presented a broad range of products at Paperworld 2018. In the office of the future, the signs point to intelligent, highly flexible solutions which make the connection between modern work practices, digitalisation and health. The stationery trends provide stylish comfort zones in the home office, for example, with high-quality products, subtle colour worlds, tactile textures and an elegant sheen.

In the 'Visionary Office' area, exhibitors sent out a clear and positive signal to the sector. Some existing business approaches have lost their validity in the paperless office, but current trends and developments are providing promising new opportunities in return.

On the one hand, agile and collaborative working methods also require flexible new solutions. Intelligent applications connect analogue and digital worlds; they bring the whiteboard onto the screen, making it easier to work in virtual teams. On the other hand, the health aspect is becoming increasingly important. Core themes include the ergodynamic workplace, solutions for light and sound, and holistic room concepts, in which different zones react to changing requirements and work situations.

In settings like these, for example, movable acoustic panels can regulate noise levels, and create flexible spaces for meetings or phases of concentrated work.In addition, people are more aware of indoor air in the office, an issue that is becoming more pressing because of current discussions about emissions and fine particles. Some manufacturers have seen an opportunity here and are now supplying air purifiers for large indoor spaces and design-oriented appliances for the home office.

Paperworld 2018 a healthy and trend-oriented start to the new business year

"Our indoor air purifiers are also attracting new target groups to our stand. With our product developments, we are showing our customers new perspectives for future sales. The fact that indoor air is polluted with fine particles, viruses, bacteria and allergens, was hidden for a long time. Now the issue is becoming appreciably more pressing, as is shown by the lively demand for our products at Paperworld", says Daniel Priester, Managing Director of Krug & Priester / IDEAL air cleaners.Sven Reimann, International Sales Director at Sigel GmbH, also recognises the opportunities for the sector: "We took part this year within the Future Office special show, in the context of changes in modern working methods and office environments. In this respect, we want to address partners who are focusing on this subject. We want to support them specifically in developing the market segment with our innovative, collaborative and contemporary solutions." It is clear, then, that the sector is honing in on users’ changed needs and developing sustainable and robust solutions to address them.

With the motto, "sitting is the new smoking", the focus is turning to standing desks and flexible workstations. At the same time, the old image of the ergonomic office chair is being revolutionised by the introduction of models that encourage the body to move while sitting, for example. It is also possible to relax the back with minimal planning. Simple solutions are offered by clever standing desk components, among other things, which can be mounted onto existing furniture.

There are also several innovations in terms of office accessories. With green solutions for ink cartridges, the question of price is increasingly shifting towards environmental benefits. In addition, more and more cartridges and accessories for 3D printing are coming onto the market and establishing themselves in the traditional sales channels. Paper production is also changing: one innovative example is recyclable take-away coffee cups.

The stationery exhibitors’ individual, well-conceived products provide moments of well-being as a counterbalance to the speed of everyday digital life. In this context, there are trends for bullet journal planning and hand lettering, which often decorate notebooks and folders. (Calligraphy) pens are on trend again for those keen to try out their own hand lettering. Notebooks and diaries continue to enjoy a boom as well, and they are also inviting the younger generation to pick up a pen more often, rather than just a mobile phone. The trend for writing by hand is complemented with fine writing instruments and matching accessories. High-quality materials, processes that often look handcrafted, and a focus on pleasing tactile properties play an important part here.

This spring, powdery flesh tones and natural colours dominate, in combination with apricot, rosé and mint, and olive and mud-coloured shades, as well as dark blue. Along with strong blue-green compositions, berry colours, including ultraviolet, will be coming in as autumn approaches. "We introduced an entire range of products with jungle motifs at Paperworld. This was an eye-catching feature on our stand and it was in strong demand with our customers. I can say that this will definitely be the big seller in the stationery segment. For this spring we are combining leaf motifs with bright shades of pink; then in the autumn we’ll be moving towards darker blue tones", says Charlie Bassil, Sales Director at Portico Designs.

The colour worlds are harmoniously matched and provide a stronger link between the different trend motifs. These range from pineapples, palms, ferns and cacti, to flamingos, parrots, butterflies and beetles. They can be easily combined with graphic motifs or delicate blossoms and tendrils. The denim style is also on the rise. This creates a cool look for papers, notebooks and writing instruments, and it also complements the fashionable masculine industrial style. All shades of blue are on trend here, including stonewashed and batik-look denims. A 'must-have' feature pervading all styles and colour shades is the extra addition of tactile qualities, glitz and glamour. Gold, silver and rhinestone touches embellish the graphic designs.

Textures and 3D appliqués are very important. Examples of this are embossed papers and office accessories with polished or finely sanded surfaces. With writing instruments as well, textured and velvety rubberised finishes guarantee a pleasant writing experience. In addition to the classics, black, silver and gold, cool metallic colours and distressed bluish looks are also popular. When giving presents, it is important to stand out with individual, creative gifts, so greetings cards are becoming increasingly elaborate and developing more and more into gifts themselves. The trend encompasses artistic 3D cards and hand-lettered notecards. Greetings cards which can be folded into balls and pendants, for example, are also eye-catching. In addition, very high-quality wrapping papers enhance even small gifts, whilst trendy trinket bags make gift wrapping easier.

There are trends in every segment - from gift-wrapping paper to desk accessories and traditional office supplies. Paperworld showcases the entire spectrum of innovations in terms of paper, office supplies and stationery, whether they are technically oriented or simply intended for sprucing up the home office.

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