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Nyala stays the European market leader


The swissQprint Nyala large format printer is Europe's best-selling printer in its class for the third time in a row, with the new LED model now having replaced its predecessor. According to the Geneva-based market research institute Infosource, last year the swissQprint Nyala was Europe's best-selling printer model in its class: UV flatbed/hybrid printers >60" (152.4 cm) wide in the EUR 130,000 – 500,000 price segment, compared to all brands surveyed in 2017. This means that Nyala has taken first place for the third time in a row.

The UV inkjet printers manufactured in Switzerland evidently offer a convincing price/performance ratio, especially the latest series using LED technology: Nyala LED was first unveiled at Fespa 2017 and has since replaced the Nyala 2 predecessor model (with conventional UV curing). The LED technology used today features massively reduced power consumption and extends the already wide range of materials and applications thanks to low heat emission. The LED systems also leave a small environmental footprint due to non-polluting components, low power consumption and modest maintenance requirements.

The current swissQprint range comprises three models with varying dimensions and productivity: Nyala LED (3.2×2 m flatbed, 206 m²/h maximum output), Impala LED (2.5×2 m flatbed, 180 m²/h maximum output) and Oryx LED (2.5×2 m flatbed, 65 m²/h maximum output). All feature modular design and a free choice of ink configurations, so users can get a printer configured according to their immediate needs while keeping the option of later conversion or expansion. Such a possibility for phased investment can make it easier to get started with digital printing and, as a result, the machine grows with the company. This modularity certainly contributes to success, both for Nyala and for swissQprint.

Nyala stays the European market leader

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