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Inca Digital declares its first Fespa a resounding success


British inkjet pioneer, Inca Digital used its debut at FESPA this month to showcase its growing range of technologies, including a new B1 format, the latest version of the SpyderX now featuring a 3.2 x 2m print area; and IncaConnect, a software suite for workflow management developed to enhance productivity and reduce downtime.

Says John Mills, CEO, Inca Digital: “We couldn’t be more delighted with our first time at the show. The response to our B1 Onset M machine was incredible. We have invested a great deal of resources to bring this printer to market and I’m truly excited about the new revenue streams and opportunities it opens up across the graphics, POP and industrial sectors.”

“The show gave us a great platform to raise our profile as a brand with a number of top level decision makers in our key markets and sectors” continues John Mills. “We were very impressed with the number and the quality of leads generated, including over 100 for the latest iteration of our SpyderX wide format printer. Our distribution partners that joined us on the stand all reported very positive conversations and leads and I’m proud to announce we also sold a SpyderX off the stand through our own Inca direct distribution channel.”

Inca Digital declares its first Fespa a resounding success

The SpyderX is a true flatbed mid-range machine with added functionality of roll-to-roll printing and its versatility was put to the test throughout the show, demonstrating its true potential as a complementary production workhorse alongside the Onset X series while maintaining a level of high-end quality, durability and performance. Visitors also had a chance to view video demonstrations of IncaConnect, Inca’s new software, which has been designed to seamlessly integrate any Inca machine into existing production workflows, reducing job configuration time and manual intervention and helping customers to quickly analyse efficiency, trends and job costing.

Inca’s entrepreneurial approach to product development was also featured at FESPA through showcases and demonstration videos of Inca’s recent industrial innovations, particularly in the area of automation. An example was the solution created for North America Plywood (Naply), which incorporated a fully-automated inkjet printing solution into the company’s existing production line. Inca adapted its Onset X series to replicate and print complex wood patterns on a variety of materials with new generation robotic arms fully automating the loading and unloading process – a first in the industry. This and many others strategic partnerships has enabled Inca to stay ahead of the curve and constantly push the boundaries of innovation.

Concludes John Mills: “I am very pleased by the success at FESPA this year and this is only the beginning in the next step of Inca’s evolution. We pride ourselves in thinking differently, taking calculated risks and pushing the boundaries of what is conceivable and achievable. The response from customers, prospects and the wider industry to our first time at FESPA in our own right, has confirmed we are on the right path and I am looking forward to building on this success with our growing network of outstanding distributors and partners over the coming months.”

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