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New Decor System Buys Five-metre EFI VUTEk LED Roll-to-Roll Printer to Expand its Success in High-quality, Superwide-format Production


A recently purchased EFI™ VUTEk® 5r LED roll-to-roll printer from Electronics For Imaging, Inc. (Nasdaq:EFII) is driving new business opportunities at Italian digital printing company New Decor System. The printer - the Rome-based company's fourth 5-metre inkjet device - will be used to expand New Decor System's range of high-quality large format prints as the company works to grow local and national demand.

New Decor System is one of Italy's leading suppliers of digitally printed wide-format signage and graphics, including out-of-home advertising, backlit panels, banners, vehicle wraps and soft signage. The company's CEO, Angelo Modica, has New Decor System in its 30 years of business, thanks to continuous investments in the most advanced technologies. With a range of machines that includes numerous small-format plotters and three-large format machines, New Decor System is able to guarantee deliveries in 24 hours throughout Italy.

"Large-format work is on the rise and the demands of our customers exceed our current production capacity," Modica said. Superwide-format work in particular is currently the biggest drive on Modica's business, a factor that led him to invest in the 5-metre LED printer from EFI.

New Decor System CEO Angelo Modica shakes hands with EFI Sales Development Manager Massimiliano Cariolato
New Decor System CEO Angelo Modica shakes hands with EFI Sales Development Manager Massimiliano Cariolato

The new VUTEk 5r printer will offer New Decor System the ability to print high volumes with high-definition image quality on a wide range of media. The company's printer has four colours and UltraDrop™ Technology with 7 picolitre printheads and can print with exceptional uniformity in shading, gradients and transitions with high-quality images and text.

New Decor System chose the VUTEk machine for its speed - printing at up to 460 square metres (4,950 square feet) per hour - as well as for the printer's "cool cure" LED technology, which reduces operating costs with lower energy consumption and results in less consumable waste. "We were impressed to see that with a litre of ink it prints up to 170 square metres," Modica stated.

"We have always distinguished ourselves for our professionalism and for the ability to create high-quality fittings with innovative materials and techniques," he added. "With this investment, we want to increase the production of canvas panels. It is a process that requires very high-definition printing and also requires a high-precision sewing process that few of our competitors can offer.

Thanks to the machine's versatility, New Decor System will also use the printer to produce backlit banners. "We produce 40,000 square metres per month of total production for shopping centres," said Modica. "Knowing that we can fully count on the potential of EFI technology gives us the space to be more creative and explore new materials to create new effects in backlit work."

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