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Machines Highest Mechatronic GmbH and Tesoma GmbH show innovations in textile finishing in Fespa and Itma


Machines Highest Mechatronic GmbH presents a revolution in textile finishing with the "Compact Fusion". So far, the textile printing and the subsequent drying process were always separated and required the purchase of at least two separate machines. There was often a gap in output between the printer and the dryer as the printing and drying processes were not compatible.

Now, MHM is taking a completely new approach, merging the two production steps in a single machine. In the future, the printing and drying process will be carried out without a procedural gap as one single step. This ensures more efficient use of available space in production and faster throughput. The new device will combine MHM's many years of know-how in the area of ​​textile printing machine construction and Tesoma's innovative textile dryer business.

Tesoma GmbH presents a new dryer line - the MAXI. The MAXI fills the gap between the smallest Tesoma dryer MINI and the next largest COMPACT line. The new MAXI unites the best properties of the two dryer series. Due to its compact dimensions it can be used universally in textile production. Nevertheless, it fulfills the highest demands on the production throughput due to its long throughput distance. As always with Tesoma machines, the MAXI offers an extremely high circulating air volume, with which the temperature can be infinitely adjusted. The belt speed is also infinitely adjustable. Quick and easy maintenance is ensured by a removable filter and gas pressure assist at the bonnet opening. With regard to the color systems used, the MAXI has no limits. It processes textiles that have been refined with plastisols, with solvent-based, with water-based inks or digitally.

Machines Highest Mechatronic GmbH and Tesoma GmbH show innovations in textile finishing in Fespa and Itma

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