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COMAGRAV will show their machines in Fespa


COMAGRAV is european producer of CNC machines for plastic and wood industry, for signmakers and digital printers, metal fabrication, foam industry and others. We produce wide range of large table CNC routers, flatbed cutters and desktop engraving machines. We do not offer only machines but complete service including 25 years of know-how in engraving and milling. We produce machines under the COMAGRAV brand for 20 years and we pay particular attention to high quality.

Now COMAGRAV manufactures 3 types of routers that differ in design and performance. A team of experts on the development and use of CNC routers combine their expertise in the production of standardized and tailored machines – the machines are equipped with features according to your specific production requirements. Since multifunctionality is our philosophy, you only need one machine to route, engrave, cut with a knife or crease, also needless to say COMAGRAV is computer controlled 3D system.

COMAGRAV will show their machines in Fespa

COMAGRAV is a traditional supplier on spanish market where you can find dozen of our machines. At FESPA in Munich we will introduce our newest machine COMAGRAV DIGI CORSA 2034 which is a combination of our advanced technologies. This machine can handle all cutting operations and processes the widest range of materials. It is equipped with an endless conveyor belt, automatic tool changer, high frequency 50 000 RPM spindle and cutting heads. COMAGRAV is compatible with most of RIP systems (Onyx, Flexi, Asanti, Colorgate, Caldera, etc.) and appropriate for roll to roll application.

Beside this COMAGRAV offers several tools for routing, engraving and cutting. We choose for you the best tools from different producers and suppliers. We offer endmills in single-, double- and three-flute design, half-round engraving tools and knives for oscillation and drag cutting. Feel free to contact us to arrange a demonstration of machines in our showroom in Porici nad Sazavou or just for actual catalogue of stock tools.

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