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The Compact Digital Cutting System VALIANI RV5080 will be show in Fespa


The Valiani RV5080 is a compact flat-bed cutting machine supporting material sizes up to 55 x 80 cm. It comes with a bunch of tools including drag and oscillating tangential knife and a creasing tool. RV5080 offers a vacuum unit to hold heavy and light materials and a re-positioning pins system for easy-align. A camera detects crop marks on the material for precise contour cut. Cutting and creasing tool can be used on cardboard up to 500Gr and any type of flute cardboard.

A camera reads crop marks on the printed materials for precise contour cut. The creasing tools is delivered with a series of different wheels to cope with various material thicknesses and types. Totally compatible with the most common graphics and packing software, RV5080 is ideal for package mockup production, templates, tags and prototypes.

The combination of RV5080 and Roland VersaUV LEF-200 offers a solution that covers not only the printing but also the creation of a product. In a period in which the overall demand of goods is lowered in quantity but increased in quality, we focused on the concept of “customized-run” job. A flatbed cutting machine allows to pivot and change without having to throw out a whole bunch of units. During Fespa Munich we will also present two “Special Edition” models to celebrate our 45th anniversary, Optima 80 and UltraV 150 equipped like never before at incredible price.

The Compact Digital Cutting System VALIANI RV5080 will be show in Fespa

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