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KATZ provides free print profiles for optimum print settings of Katz display boards at Fespa


Media printing profiles are commonplace in the world of flexible substrates but are still uncharted territory in the world of large-format rigid media: Most paper and film manufacturers usually prepare print profiles for their substrates which can be downloaded by their customers. This approach is rare for rigid media so far. The KATZ Group is a pioneer in the field of profiles for rigid plates.

Together with its partners, KATZ has created print profiles for its Display Boards with leading digital flatbed printers in combination with various RIP software, Onyx, Caldera, ColorGate and some own brands. These print profiles provide all relevant parameters for optimal print results of the KATZ DISPLAY BOARDS. Print profiles matched to the printer, ink, RIP software and medium enable print shops to print simply, quickly and brilliantly. KATZ sees itself as a service partner for optimum handling of KATZ DISPLAY BOARDS in the graphics industry and offers these print profiles on USB sticks at their exhibition stand (Hall B6/B68).

KATZ provides free print profiles for optimum print settings of Katz display boards at Fespa

KATZ DISPLAY BOARDS have been on the market since 2013 and are characterized by functionality in printing and finishing for the graphics industry. They are mainly used as POS signage, hanging signs, interior design or POS displays. In addition to excellent printing results and form stability, the natural product composition and the savings in disposal costs are good arguments for the KATZ DISPLAY BOARDS. True to the motto "natural material instead of plastics", The KATZ Group contributes with their Display Board to a plastic-free point of sale.

For all FESPA visitors who would like to convince themselves of the KATZ board properties directly at the printing or cutting machine: As in previous years, The KATZ Group is cooperating with leading digital printing and cutting machine manufacturers at the fair. The KATZ DISPLAY BOARD can be seen "in action" at the individual stands of the cooperation partners.

The KATZ Group was founded in 1716 in Weisenbach, Baden, Germany, and over the years has developed into an internationally active company that uses its ground wood pulp board particularly in the area of coasters for cold and hot drinks. As the world market leader in this field, KATZ also manufactures other groundwood products. These include KATZ DISPLAY BOARD for use in retail shops, GREEN LIGNIN the impact sound insulation and other industrial solutions. Since 2009, The KATZ Group has been a wholy-owned subsidiary of the Koehler Paper Group from Oberkirch.

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