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Sawgrass Announces Expansion of its Partnership with RICOH


Sawgrass Technologies announces the expansion of its partnership with RICOH to continue its highly successful 5-year relationship for desktop dye sublimation systems. With this extension Sawgrass remains the only partner for RICOH in the desktop sublimation market.

Darcy Mauro, Sawgrass President, explains, “While Sawgrass has been the pioneer with digital dye sublimation products for over 30 years, we brought an unprecedented level of quality and consistency to dye sublimation customers 5 years ago with our RICOH relationship. By matching the industry’s highest quality inks with superior RICOH printhead technology, Sawgrass has been able to supply the widest colour gamut in the industry while delivering the best substrate performance possible, all within the limits of dye sublimation.”

Sawgrass Announces Expansion of its Partnership with RICOH

According to Mr. Tetsuya Morita, General Manager of RICOH ‘s Industrial Printing Business Group, “As a leader in inkjet technology, RICOH is very pleased to work with Sawgrass to engineer the first desktop dye sub printers. We supply the authorised printer cartridges exclusively to Sawgrass, which are optimised for the best printer performance possible. We look forward to continue working with Sawgrass for many more years to come.”

With this level of partnership, Sawgrass and RICOH are proud to announce the recent extension of this very successful OEM agreement to develop the next generation of desktop solutions dedicated to the dye sublimation. The future for product decoration has never been stronger!

Sawgrass continues to innovate with its dynamic print and colour management software Virtuoso Print Manager, for optimal print quality, and its intuitive, online design solution, CreativeStudio. Together Sawgrass delivers the first and only dedicated sublimation solution for entrepreneurs and thriving product decorating businesses around the world.

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