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SPGPrints® reinvents screen technology with the launch of the Ortascreen™ at ITMA


In rotary screen textile printing, the type of screen you use is of vital importance for the quality of your output. To help you succeed, at SPGPrints® we work hard to constantly improve our screen technology. That’s why we are more than proud to be launching our most innovative screen technologies yet — the new Ortascreen™ (patent applied) — at our stand at ITMA Barcelona 2019. But don’t take our word for it, come experience our new and innovative screen technology yourself at stand B203 in Hall 3.

With the development of the new Ortascreen™, we’ve created a new, innovative screen printing technology aimed at helping you excel. Besides delivering crisp, sharp prints with unique details and fine lines, the Ortascreen™ technology provides unique problem-solving capabilities reducing moire effect and delivering evenness, definition and high-quality halftones.

SPGPrints® reinvents screen technology with the launch of the Ortascreen™ at ITMA

The Ortascreen™ truly reinvents screen technology at its core as instead of a hexagonal hole it uses an orthogonal hole. As the flow of print paste is the most important parameter for your print quality, the new Ortascreen™ will help you increase your quality levels significantly. With the new Ortascreen™ technology you’ll be able to cost-effectively reach the highest quality levels possible in surface printing.

At our stand, we provide printing companies that want to learn more about the newest, most innovative technology for screen creation with the unique opportunity to see the amazing quality the Ortascreen™ technology can deliver with their own eyes.

Are you looking for the next revolution in improving rotary screen quality? Then you need to make sure to stop by our exclusive Screens Experience Center and experience the new Ortascreen™ technology. At the Experience Center, we give you the opportunity to actually see, hear and experience why our Ortascreen™ technology is unique in its kind and see with your own eyes the unique high-quality output it can provide you with.

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