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Neschen launch PP wall-grip: The evolution of printable wall coverings


With Green Wall, Neschen Coating presents PVC-free, digitally printable wall coverings for a variety of uses. The newly added PP wall-grip is the latest addition to this product portfolio and an excellent option for quick turnaround decorations. The 90 μm strong, white PP-film is designed for difficult surfaces. From rough plaster, bare concrete and untreated chipboard to low-energy surfaces like PP-based panels – the high-tack adhesive creates a strong grip. Neschen’s PP wall-grip is a top product for environmentally conscious customers. Besides its water-based adhesive, it‘s also one of the rare PVC-free, self-adhesive wall graphics products on the market.

Neschen launch PP wall-grip: The evolution of printable wall coveringsDue to its high tear resistance, PP wall-grip is easier to remove than real wallpaper, making it ideal for quickly changing promotions. The wall cover can be applied in indoor and outdoor areas, giving customers a wide range of possibilities. The PP film is suited for latex and UV-curable inks. Its brilliant print quality makes PP wall-grip an exceptional medium for eye-catching advertising or store designs.

The newest addition to Neschen‘s Green Wall portfolio offers two standard available textures – smooth and sand. The sand structure authentically resembles the look of real wallpaper, giving customers the creative freedom of wall graphics, while maintaining the high-quality look of wallpaper. Other textures are available upon request.

Next to launching PP wall-grip, Neschen Coating additionally makes the sand structure available for performance wall-grip L-UV, a high adhesive strength wall cover also designed for difficult surfaces. The product is a premium choice for outdoor applications, lasting up to five years. Neschen’s PP wall-grip is available with a size of 50 m x 155 cm. The product provides a B1 certificate according to DIN 4102-1 and is certified for latex inks.

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