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Mutoh Europe announces dedicated RIP solution for its UV LED direct to object printers


Mutoh Europe nv, EMEA business unit of Mutoh Industries Co. Ltd. Japan, announced the release of a dedicated RIP software solution for its UV LED direct to object flatbed production printers, called Digital Factory UV – Mutoh Edition. Developed for Mutoh Europe by CADlink Technology Corporation, this new RIP solution has been specifically tailored to the Mutoh ValueJet 426UF A3+ size and ValueJet 626UF A2-size 6 colour (C, M, Y, K, Clear & White) UV LED flatbed printer models.

Digital Factory UV Mutoh Edition integrates a dedicated feature set smartly addressing the unique production workflow requirements inherent to UV digital direct to object print technology. Additionally, the RIP software also offers a dramatically simplified pre-production workflow to allow graphic designers and printer operators to efficiently and correctly work with white and clear inks.

Digital Factory UV Mutoh Edition includes the following key features: Drives Mutoh ValueJet 426UF and ValueJet 626UF models. Easy creation and handling of templates for object jigs : flexible data filling, sizing and positioning, Accurate colour reproduction and advanced colour management handling white & clear inks. Automated white underbase feature to easily handle jobs on transparent or non-white substrates for both vector and raster data.

Mutoh Europe announces dedicated RIP solution for its UV LED direct to object printers

Automated black background removal feature literally blending artwork into black substrates, improving print appearance whilst reducing white ink consumption. Access to a unlimited amount of job queues with presets, allowing to automate job processing in function of substrate properties, job type, printer configuration etc. : CMYK only, White underbase + CMYK + Varnish, Structure Prints, Easy connection from CorelDRAW® and Adobe® products. Multi-language, context sensitive help "Compass" including videos.

We are very pleased to partner with CADlink for our desktop UV flatbed production printers,” says Kenji Yasuhara, Mutoh Europe’s Managing Director.“Digital direct to object printing offers many new business opportunities, but has very specific workflow requirements. Especially when commonly using white and clear inks, new complexities arise for graphics designers and printer users. Digital Factory UV – Mutoh Edition addresses these complexities in a smart and straightforward way. The result is a dramatic simplification and shortening of both the design and the production workflow, allowing Mutoh UV flatbed printer users to shorten their ROI and increase their production” concludes Yasuhara.

"CADlink is very pleased to be providing an industry-leading UV software solution that helps users maximise the latest printing technology found in Mutoh 426UF and 626UF printers," states Michael Chramtchenko, CADlink Director of Marketing and Brand Sales. “Aside from providing unmatched colour accuracy and vibrancy, what sets Digital Factory UV Mutoh Edition apart from other software RIP solutions is that it includes a host of unique, automated production workflow tools that enable Mutoh UV printer users to take advantage of the wide array of custom printing options that direct to object printing provides quickly and easily." The new Digital Factory UV Mutoh Edition RIP software will be available exclusively from Mutoh Certified Distributors throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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