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FESPA 2018 features a new easy-to-install Mactac film for non-professional installers


A new Mactac Europe film that can be used without the need for professional installers features prominently at FESPA 2018 in Berlin. The JT 8300 Dot Series is designed to help employees of commercial spaces who struggle with the application of conventional promotional graphics.

Oliver Guenther, senior director marketing and channel strategy for Mactac Europe brand, said that a dotted adhesive is the key feature: “Easy and fast application, and easy removal too, are extremely important for many retail displays and exhibitions. These films are a great choice for glass and other smooth surfaces, and they deliver outstanding results without the need for lengthy training, water or specialist tools. It’s all about ensuring a professional result.”

With a highly transparent version and a white version, the new JT 8300 Dot films give excellent printability on all main platforms. They are an excellent choice for short-term communications and advertising campaigns including seasonal offers, promotions, launches and trade shows.

FESPA 2018 features a new easy-to-install Mactac film for non-professional installers

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