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Texo Trade Services (TTS) puts PES Mesh, Whiteback Soft and Display Stretch 240 in the spotlights at FESPA 2019


Once again, TTS – the specialist in transfer print media and large-format printable textiles – will be on show at the FESPA major trade fair from 14th to 17th of May in Munich. Here, at its 100 m2 trade stand, it will show visitors not only new textiles as alternatives to PVC Mesh outdoor banners, but also a new stretchable fabric for textile frames, and textiles for rear panels in light boxes.

Outdoor banners and fence tarpaulins made of PES Mesh look great and very professional. This new textile is 100% polyester, making it a PVC-free alternative to PVC Mesh. PES Mesh can be printed using UV, direct sublimation or transfer. Weighing only 230 gsm, it has a very high tensile strength and an open structure that makes it very permeable to air. PES Mesh is available in widths of up to 505 cm.

Texo Trade Services (TTS) puts PES Mesh, Whiteback Soft and Display Stretch 240 in the spotlights at FESPA 2019

Blackback Soft is well known in the market: a quality block-out textile with a black-coated backing. The material is crease-proof, can stretch in both length and width, and does not stick to the protective paper during the sublimation process. Whiteback Soft is new. It has an extra white coating on the reverse side. The unique thing about it is that, despite the 3-layer coating, it still has 2-3% stretch in both directions. Moreover, just like Blackback Soft, it is very stable in the calender. It is the new solution of choice for stand construction in textile frames or for the rear panel in a light box. Whiteback Soft is suitable for printing using UV, direct sublimation or transfer.

This new, very densely woven display cloth of 240 gsm with 5% stretch is the solution par excellence for pop-up (spider) walls and textile frames; the material can be hung on the frame straight from the box. It is also ideal for premium displays where the frame’s cross-brace must not be visible through the cloth. This is frequently a problem with normal display cloth; it is too stiff and has too little stretch capacity to allow creases to fall out. Furthermore, normal display cloth is just a little too translucent, and aluminium cross-members can be seen through the cloth. Display Stretch 240 is 100% crease-resistant. It is very densely woven with a fine thread (83 Dtex), making it virtually opaque. Another result of using the fine thread is that the colours are very bold, and other cloths cannot complete with this eyecatcher.

TTS is not only the expert in printable textiles, it has also been manufacturing transfer paper and foil for screen printing for over 20 years. The CP105 and NCP105 transfer papers are highly suitable for plastisol and water-based screen printing inks. CP105 is a premium 105 g/m2 transfer paper that can be printed on both sides. The back is light blue and has medium release.

The front is white and has a higher release. NCP105 is an economy paper, also of 105 gsm weight, and is white on both sides. In the field of transparent, screen-printing transfer foil, TTS offers a variety of cold-peel and (instant) hot-peel foils that are suitable for all types of ink. A rapidly growing technique employs transfers made with digital laser combined with screen printing white and adhesive. For this purpose, TTS offers a brand-new design of warm-peel transfer foil with the reference number HCS100/1-DPH.

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