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Eurolaser presented a patented new development for cutting wool with lasers in ITMA


As one of the leading manufacturers of high-end cutters, eurolaser presented his patented solution for the laser cutting of wool at the ITMA in June. Previously, textiles had to be protected from fraying after cutting with knife cutters by means of linking or edging. eurolaser asked themselves: “Is that really necessary?”. No, it isn’t! Using this new Cut`n Protect Technology, means that these additional work steps are not required, which saves time because the laser provides lasting protection from fraying merely because of the cutting process.

This decisive advantage of the laser compared to conventional processing methods has been used with synthetic textiles for many years, and works perfectly. Thanks to eurolasers new development, all of the advantages of lasers are now available for wool for the first time. Visit eurolaser at the ITMA in Barcelona (Spain) in Hall H3 Stand D231 and look forward to a live demonstration of the innovative solution for the laser cutting of wool.

Eurolaser presented a patented new development for cutting wool with lasers in ITMA

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