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Brother Myze,the innovative new software solution exclusively for the direct to garment sector

  • Publicado el 27 de Junio de 2022

We are very proud to launch their innovative new software solution "Brother Myze". Brother Myze has been developed in-house exclusively for the direct to garment sector by the "Digital Solutions" department, which was newly founded last year. In cooperation with some of the major manufacturers from a wide range of different business sectors, we have created a whole package of individual applications that cover all areas and needs of digital print production.

Brother Myze,the innovative new software solution exclusively for the direct to garment sector

Brother Myze includes the Myze Creator, a high-end retail kiosk solution that takes care of the entire process from front end to back end, from the customer's choice of design to the finished shirt without any additional software. The Creator is a truly versatile way to enhance the shopping experience. Using a touch terminal which can be customized it is now possible to create in the print shop the designs your customers want in a very simple and efficient way.

If you would like to add several touch terminals in different locations and even with different designs that is no problem at all! For large producers this all-in-one solution takes the job through the entire production from the ordering to shipping the finished product.

It is simple to transform your production process making it much more productive. With Brother Myze Fulfillment you cover all stations using QR code scans. Have the label printed out, pick, sort, print, dry textiles, via quality control to box packing. When the box is complete, it's ready for shipment. Using Brother Myze Fulfillment service it is clear which textile belongs to which order. With a simple QR label. Easy for every operator. Always.

Connect directly to e-commerce platforms such as Shopify. The Brother Myze Store Connector allows you to connect directly to e-commerce platforms. For example, it is possible to push products from Myze to Shopify, pull orders from Shopify to Myze, give order status back to Shopify, and pass tracking numbers to Shopify. The possibilities are endless!

Myze Analytics tool is available to all users of Brother GTX series printers. Myze Analytics tool allows easy monitoring of printer performance. For example which jobs are currently being processed, how many prints were made in a certain period of time, the utilization of the machine and its condition.

Also you will be informed about planned maintenance and suggested solutions to errors. Let Myze Analytics work for you giving you all the important information you need allowing you to concentrate on other things!

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