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01 de Marzo de 2021

The three pillars of virtual.drupa are gaining momentum

As virtual.drupa, taking place from 20 to 23 April, is approaching, exhibitors are starting to design their online showrooms; video and live presentations as well as virtual meeting rooms are in preparation. ...

22 de Febrero de 2021

Laser cutting brings spacer fabrics into perfect shape

Fused cut edges with maximum accuracy: The use of laser cutting machines when processing spacer fabrics offers a number of advantages over other tools. More and more processors of modern textiles rely ...

22 de Febrero de 2021

Lessebo Recycled is awarded with EU Ecolabel

Lessebo Paper launched Lessebo Recycled in 2019, an FSC® Recycled (FSC-C021923) uncoated range of papers produced from sorted waste, sourced from Europe. This innovative product, made with recycled ...

17 de Febrero de 2021

The online ASLAN Academy

Since December 2020, ASLAN, German developer and manufacturer of self-adhesive films, offers the ASLAN Academy as a series of online events. Topics of the content-driven webinars range from basic knowledge ...

28 de Enero de 2021

DataLase set to maintain impetus in 2021

Like many other businesses, DataLase, the global leader in Photonic Printing Solutions, has been proactive in its approach since the start of the pandemic. Driven by urgency, the company has embraced agile ...

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