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Coldenhove announces a partnership with Klieverik and Greentex during FESPA 2024 to power up digital transfer printing

  • Publicado el 18 de Marzo de 2024

Coldenhove, a leading manufacturer of high-performance dye sublimation transfer paper, announces a collaborative presence with Klieverik and Greentex, at the upcoming FESPA 2024, running from 19 - 22 March at the RAI in Amsterdam.

Coldenhove announces a partnership with Klieverik and Greentex during FESPA 2024 to power up digital transfer printing

With the theme “WHERE PRINTING MATTERS” the three companies aim to make an impact in the digital printing environment by offering their customers unmatched performance, optimize efficiency and deliver stunning results. Together, they will showcase a complete dye sublimation workflow, from high-quality transfer paper to cutting-edge calendering and exceptional performance textiles.

Attendees visiting booth 12 A-20 will experience firsthand the seamless integration of these industry-leading products, powering next-level digital printing. "This collaboration demonstrates our commitment to providing the dye sublimation community with a comprehensive and streamlined solution. Individually we are experts, together we power up digital transfer printing." said Gijsbert Harmsen– Senior Sales Executive.

ABOUT COLDENHOVE – The Digital Transfer Paper Manufacturer. We engineer and manufacture state-of-the art digital transfer paper. The very first step to bring colors to life. Our papers are designed for optimizing production, output, and speed. We combine quality and innovation with first-rate technical assistance. ABOUT KLIEVERIK – The Calenders Engineers. We are the proud builders of transfer calenders; precision masters, combining heat, pressure and time to turn digital designs into tangible reality. We offer the best transfer print solutions from start-up to industrial high-volume professionals.

ABOUT GREENTEX – The Textiles Experts. We craft and source quality textiles that capture the vibrancy of digital printing. We strive for quality, time to market and sustainable textile solutions. Witness your designs coming to life, fiber by fiber, in high definition. FESPA is for them not just an exhibition, it's an opportunity. Visit them at booth 12 A-20, see and experience digital transfer printing at top performance. Discover how their collaborative power can elevate your print jobs.

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